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Your existing Car, Truck, or SUV can be converted to a hybrid vehicle economically. This blog will share my ideas on how to make that possible. See the PES Wiki for all the background on Hybrid Adapters:

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Announcing the PDQ Prize !

Seeking Corporate Sponsors Now .

The 100 MPG X-Prize is great -- but we gas car owners making payments need relief now
-- ie Pretty Darn Quick.

This competetion will hopefully be an impetus to get industry building something we need now

Draft Rules:
The winner is the first team that can build a Hybrid Adapter which:
1. Uses a fuel other than gasoline
2. Can push at least a mid-size vehicle at a speed of 30 MPH for 20 miles
3. Can be recharged in 8 hours with standard 15 AMP, 110 VAC Plug
4. Can be interchanged between vehicles within 10 minutes
5. Mounts to a standard Hitch
6. Does not have to be ready for mass production
Winner maintains all rights